Pub memorabilia

Pub memorabilia

The pub is very entrenched in Irish culture. Identified by warmth, kindliness and yarns, the Irish pub is old and decorated with nooks and crannies, signs and statues, oddities and eccentricities. And so it’s no surprise that items of genuine pub memorabilia find their way to public houses (and homes) across the world, providing a sip of that culture to others.

Victor Mee Auctions is no stranger to pub memorabilia. In fact, it has long been one of our areas of expertise. And thus, oft through our saleroom doors come the most select and unique pieces in circulation today.

We frequently host pub memorabilia sales, offering for auction items such as advertising memorabilia, mirrors, ashtrays, clocks, aged spirits and whiskeys and even genuine Irish pub fittings.

Pub memorabilia inclines to be highly coveted and highly collectable and thus we are proud to offer these exclusive memorabilia sales several times a year.

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