A Look Ahead: The February Decorative Interiors Sale

A Look Ahead: The February Decorative Interiors Sale


Welcome back enthusiasts!

We haven’t blogged in a while, but as the Victor Mee Auctions team zealously prepares to host our first sale of our 2022 auction calendar with the February Interiors Sale on February 2nd and 3rd, we thought it high time we had a chat!

You may recall, in a blog post of yore, we talked about a design trend known as maximalism. AKA the reaction to minimalism; More is more, loud and proud, display your wares. We’ve got a crush on wares. So we were fans of maximalism. We still are. But like most interior afficionados, our devotion is fluid. Design trends are ever evolving and the ones setting the bar are the people who are doing the DIY bidding (that’s you guys!)

With that in mind, we’ve been listening.

2022 seems to be bringing us into a place of agreement, with buyers increasingly looking to interlace aspects of both minimalism and maximalism into their homes. Think adopting the clean lines, calmness and simplicity of minimalism and then assaulting that zen with a splash of bold colour, a garish mirror, a plush piece of furniture or a shelf obstinately packed with trinkets and knick-knacks. The result is something rather marvellous, a charming harmony of clarity and personality that allows you to function clutter-free without having to sacrifice the things that make you you.

In preparation for this sale, our auction team has worked hard to ensure you a catalogue that covers all your bases. We’ve carefully curated this one to incorporate the timeless antique pieces you have come to know us for while giving a deserved nod to changing design trends.

You’ll find your classics, the aged leather chesterfield sofas and various pieces of elegant Edwardian mahogany interspersed with emerging trends like bleached oak and natural stoneware like terracotta and marble.

There’s a generous helping of decorative accessories coming up in this sale too, too much to highlight here. But let’s talk about lot 7, for example…

Lot 7, to John and Jane Doe, is a striking piece of contemporary art. The talking point, however, is that lot 7 is actually a set of rare early 20th C. polished metal glove makers hands. Part of the beauty of auction finds like this is that guise, one thing subjectively veiled as another, its purpose revealed in the imagination of the buyer.

Lot 3 is another team favourite ahead of the sale and one we’re experiencing great interest in. It’s an extremely rare plaster anatomical flayed figure of a man. The écorché figure became popular during the Renaissance as an educational tool, with some of the most famous depictions of the human form by Leonardo DaVinci. This one is from the 19th century and is made really special, not only by its intricate sculpting, but its rare depiction of the names of the muscles. Lot 3 is one of those lots that you can only imagine the history of and we just think it’s really cool.

Another category that we’re loving in this sale is kitchenalia. We’re seeing a refreshed appreciation for the kitchen amongst our buyers of late, with more and more people keen to inject some passion and personality into a space often seen as a “place of work”. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and we think it should be welcoming and charismatic. Antique accessories in the kitchen bring a certain allure, whether complimenting a rustic vibe or adding intrigue to a modern scene. There’s plenty of charming kitchenalia coming your way next week, (some gorgeous, gorgeous terracotta pieces) but below is a snippet of some of our top picks.

There’s also a magnificent selection of artwork also going under the hammer, including some incredible charcoal life drawings appearing as 401A and 401B. We particularly love Lot 1028, appearing on day two, which is an incredibly quirky abstract depiction of nude figures in ink.

Like we said, we’re covering all your bases in this sale. There’s no singular category we want to sing about more than others because the entire catalogue is truly awash with items of character, intrigue and beauty. In fact, we feel a little bit smug about it. It’s nigh on impossible for us to highlight everything we want to highlight here. Suffice to say, the catalogue is here https://auctions.victormeeauctions.ie/ and it is most definitely worth a few moments of your time!

Just one more thing though…



The February Interiors Auction by Victor Mee Auctions takes place on February 2nd and 3rd LIVE ONLINE from 5:30pm. Register to bid on our website or contact us in the office via email at info@victormeeauctions.ie or telephone at (00353) 4755076 where the team is happy to help with your queries and provide condition reports.

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