Business Unusual At Victor Mee Auctions

Business Unusual At Victor Mee Auctions

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As the country awakens from the unexpected hibernation brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, we’d like to take an opportunity to say welcome back and how we have missed you to all of our clients and friends here at Victor Mee Auctions.

Last month saw us host our first auction since the lockdown was implemented in Ireland. We conducted the sale exclusively online and we experienced unprecedented interest and bids. Unsure if we could match the draw of our in-house sales, the success of the Gerard Derry Retirement Sale was a confidence boost for us, to say the least.

Though we are now re-open and our staff are plugging away in preparation for our next sale on July 25th & 26th, we are still understandably facing many restrictions in how we conduct our business. The “new normal” is one we’re all getting used to in our own lives and so we’d like to take a moment to bring you up to speed with what that means for us at Victor Mee Auctions and for you as our dear clients.

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Is your saleroom open?

Yes! In short, the saleroom is up and running again after our hiatus. However, all visits to the saleroom for valuations, viewings or collections must be on an appointment only basis. This is for your safety and that of our staff and wider community.  We have to adhere to social distancing measures and this appointment system is the only way we can ensure this is maintained. It also allows the staff time to clean and santitize the saleroom between appointments. We’d love to see you, just give us a call first. 003534755076 is our office number where we’d be delighted to make an appointment for you.

What’s different on site?

Well, just a few things. On visiting us you’ll find our premises decorated with signs and stickers, providing information on the virus, precautions to take and social distancing. You’ll find hand santitizers both outside and inside the saleroom which we kindly ask all our clients to use. You’ll find our office staff now smiling at you from behind a shiny new perspex screen. And you’ll find the premises managed and sanitized by staff regularly.

Are you hosting auctions to an in-house audience?

Not yet. We’d love to offer you a date when we can do that but we’re erring on the side of caution with this one. No-one wants to see us back into a lockdown situation and so we think it’s best to stick with our online auction modus operandi for now. Although we miss seeing you all on sale day and we miss the buzz of the traditional auction event, our online sales are slick, efficient, well-run and well attended so this will be the norm for the time-being. Rest assured that we will resume hosting sales to a full saleroom, but today is not that day.

Can I view lots before a sale?

We post our entire auction catalogue on our website in the run up to our sales with photos. Condition reports may be requested from our team and we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding lots. We are delighted to be able to offer you in-person viewing once again, but this will be on an appointment only basis. Contact us via telephone 003534755076 or email us on to speak to the team and book your slot.


How do I buy at auction?

Start by registering with us. You can do this on our website or we’d be happy to take your details over the phone on 003534755076 or via email at . Once registered, there are a number of way to bid

  1. Live Bidding – Once registered with us online you can listen live to the auction and bid in real time on our website. The auctioneer will receive these bids as you leave them so you experience the live auction from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Absentee Bid – Leave your maximum bid with us and go about your day. We’ll bid on your behalf up to that amount and leave it at that
  3. Telephone Bid – We are happy to give you a call when your lot/s come up in the sale. Get in touch with us in advance of the auction, we’ll get you registered and you can relax knowing that we’ll be live on the phone with you to take you through the bidding process.


I’ve bid and won, what next?

Congratulations! You will have provided us with you contact details when you registered. We’ll forward you on your invoice, once paid we’ll get to work on uniting you with your lot/s.

  • Payments

Payments are simple with Victor Mee Auctions. You can do a bank transfer, the details for which can be found at the bottom of your invoice. Alternatively, we are happy to take card payments over the phone. Please note we do not accept AmEx at this time.

  • Collections

One of the bigger changes in our modus operandi here at Victor Mee Auctions is our new appointment system. All collections must be staggered and social distancing measures must be adhered to. Hence, we ask, where possible, that invoices are paid via bank transfer or by card over the phone with us prior to collection. It just streamlines the process for everyone. Contact us on 003534755076 to book your collection slot.

  • Delivery

Small items are packed in house and can be posted through our regular mail system. Larger items can be shipped with one of our trusted carriers. We’ll always strive to get you the cheapest (and quickest) delivery quote possible. Get in touch with the team to request your quote. Tel: 003534755076 / Email:


I have something I’d like to sell at auction, what’s the process?

A good place to start is to take a few pictures, where possible, and forward them on to us at with as much detail as you can about the item along with your contact details. Our auctioneer, Victor, will assess for value and auction suitability and we’ll be in touch with you soon after.

Where items are accepted for sale with us, we will book you an appointment to bring your lots down and fill out the necessary paperwork. Alternatively, we can arrange to have large or bulky items collected from you (this will incur additional charges).


This is the new normal for us here at Victor Mees and for you our dear clients. There is nothing too drastic or unmanageable. Our priority, as ever, is safety. While we’re delighted to be back, we remain fully committed to doing our part to keep fighting complacency and the potential spread of Covid-19 in our community. We thank you whole-heartedly for understanding, your patience and for working with us to make our sales possible.

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