Exquisite Collection of Garden Décor and Furniture to go under the hammer in the Summer Garden and Decorative Interiors Sale By Victor Mee Auctions

Despite the oft lacklustre personality of the Irish summer, we’re still a nation of outdoorsy people. We love a grand soft day. We love to walk the dog. We love a freshly cut lawn and a blooming bed of paeonies. Even more, we love putting our stamp on our environment. We’ve used the word “haven” before. It’s what we feel your garden should be.

Garden décor and outdoor furniture has long been a passion of ours here at Victor Mee Auctions and our upcoming Summer Garden and Decorative Interior Sale is teeming with lots of elegance, character and solidity, the perfect opportunity for homeowners to make interesting and pretty their outdoor space.

As the coronavirus pandemic began its reign of terror in March of this year, we, like so many other local businesses, were forced to close our doors and halt our 2020 auction schedule. Thankfully, we are now re-open and hosted our first ever online-only sale last month with unprecedented success. Now, as the summer months begin to wind themselves down, we are keen to bring to the auction block the cream of the crop in garden furniture and décor in what will likely be our second and final garden sale of 2020.

With 645 gorgeous lots going under the hammer on July 25th and 26th, we have a terribly hard time whittling down to a compact list of highlights. But we do so love a challenge so allow us kindle your desires with just a few of our decorative outdoor and garden furniture favourites coming up next week.

Lot 94 - Set of four early 20th C. figures "The Scholars" resting on corinthium columns

Lot 94 – Set of four early 20th C. figures The Scholars resting on corinthium columns

One of the most striking and tasteful decorative garden items going up for auction in this sale is this set of four scholarly figures on Corinthian columns. These statues, known as ‘The Scholars’ each depicts a faction of the early 20th century art; sculpture, painting, literature and astronomy. Carved from stone and standing at 95cm each, these models come to us in fantastic condition and will be sold as a complete set with an estimate of €800-€1200, though we would not be surprised to see bids in excess of this owing to the rarity of a lot like this and it’s high desirability.

Lot 560 - One of Four Statues depicting the Four Seasons

Lot 560 – Set of Exceptional Quality Life-size Cast Iron Four Seasons Statues

The four seasons allegory is an ancient decorative motif depicting the four seasons through symbolism of harvest produce. Based on the famous original putti figures that make up part of the sculpture set at the gardens of The Indianapolis Museum of Art, these exceptional life-sized cast iron statues are a stunning portrayal and one that we don’t often see come up for auction as pieces like this tend to spend their entire lives situated in one place. Depicting Spring through the harvest of flowers, Summer through wheat, Autumn through wine and Winter depicted though a lack of harvest, these statues go to auction with a handsome estimate of €5000-€8000, these would make an superbly elegant and timeless addition to any garden.

Lot 63 - Good quality pair of metal planters in the Georgian style
Garden Planters
Lot 89 - Pair of good quality wrought iron planters in the Georgian style

Lot 63 – Good quality pair of metal planters in the Georgian style

One of the most unique and attractive sets of planters we have seen in some time, we expect this pair to reach at least the top end of their estimate of €300-€600. Shaped from durable and weather-resistant metal, they are striking and commanding, most definitely a statement piece.

Similar in design and concept, we have lot 89; a pair of fantastic wrought iron planters. Also in the Georgian style, these are heavy and boast an equally imperious presence to lot 63. Estimated at €220-€420, they measure over half a metre wide and would make a ageless addition to any outdoor space.

Cast iron Irish pillar post box
Lot 209 - Cast iron Irish pillar post box

Lot 209 – Cast iron Irish pillar post box

The pillar post box is somewhat iconic as an antique symbol in Ireland. Now mostly defunct, this style has been largely replaced by more modern and less imposing alternatives. This old fashioned post-box, towering at 172cm high, is cast iron, painted black, detailed with the traditional harp symbol and P&T logo and is a very charming and retrospective nod to Irish history. It comes with an estimate of €400-€600.

In the same vein, we’d like to highlight lot 75; a second antique post box, this one smaller in stature at 104cm high. It is painted in a more traditional green colour, also decorated with the classic harp symbol and features pretty embossed decorative flair and goes to sale with a slightly lower estimate of €200-€400.

19th C. terracotta olive pot
Lot 584 - 19th C. terracotta olive pot
Pair of terracotta olive pots
Lot 471 - Pair of terracotta olive pots

Lots 584 & 471 – Terracotta Olive Pots

Bringing a bit of Tuscan elegance to the Irish summer we have a number of fantastic terracotta pieces going under the hammer in this sale. Notably, we have lot 584; a stunning olive planter crafted from terracotta and designed to lay on its side. This piece is large, measuring 128cm high and 119cm in diameter and would be a very attractive addition to any outdoor space, with the earthy terracotta clay bringing sunny Mediterranean vibes. It has an assigned estimate of €800-€1200.

Lot 471 is a set of olive planters, also terracotta. These stand upright and tall at 70cm high and are a perfect example of the traditional olive pot from the sandy terracotta tones to the classic and instantly recognizable shape, there is a simple and understated elegance to these pots that earn them an estimate of €250-€500 for the pair.

Lot 281 – Decorative Cast Iron Garden Seat with Arched Back

One of the most striking pieces of garden furniture appearing in this sale is this bench. Crafted from iron and painted boldly black, it is arresting for all the right reasons. This piece screams sophistication and a timeless elegance that would be hard pressed to look out of place anywhere. Estimate of €600-€900 but with potential to fetch much more on sale day.

Worthy Mentions… 

Lot 378 - Bronze Ballerina Statue
Lot 378 - Ballerina Posed Statue
Early 20th. C. composition stone statue - Neptune, The Sea God
Lot 493 - Statue of Neptune
Exceptional quality bronze two tier fountain
Lot 616 - Water Fountain

Lot 378 is an gorgeous bronze model of a ballerina posed gracefully at a ballet bar. Standing at 110cm high, she is poised, incredibly unique and, simply put, breathtakingly beautiful.

Lot 532 is a cast iron urn with cherubs perched either side. This classic campana style urn stands at 160cm tall and is made very special by the angelic figures that appear as though having an old heart to heart around it. Exceptionally gorgeous, unique and undeniably elegant, the estimate of €1200-€1600 assigned to it seems almost meagre.

Lot 282 is a pair of high back cast iron patio chairs. These boast an intricate and eye-catching design. Made from iron, they are an investment that will last a lifetime and if properly cared for and maintained. They are supremely sophisticated and go to auction with an estimate of €400-€700.

Lot 288 is a lifesize bronze sculpture of a seated Charlie Chaplin with arms folded and holding his walking stick. Charlie Chaplin is an incredibly recognizable figure in early film and comedy and an icon to those in the arts. He sits here, immortalised superbly in this figure measuring 159cm high and with an estimate of €2000-€3000

Lot 493 is an early 20th century composition stone statue depicting Neptune, God of the Sea. This piece is bold and imposing, standing over a metre and a half tall atop a circular stone plinth, it goes to auction with an estimate of €200-€400.

Lot 616 is a show-stopping two tiered bronze water fountain. Every time you look at this fountain, you will notice something else you love about it. Inspired in part by the Fontaine du Palmier in Paris, it bears the names of famous Napoleonic victories; the statues of women depicting the four cardinal virtues. It is a piece to behold and goes to sale with an estimate of €5500-€7500.

The garden is an often under-used space. Design focus tends to go to the interior of the home, Important and imperative absolutely, but we think, with a little bit of consideration and love, any garden has the potential to be a sanctuary. And now, more than ever in these Covid times, we are making use of our outdoor rooms. It should be very you.

The Summer Garden and Decorative Interiors Sale by Victor Mee Auctions takes place live online on July 25th and 26th from 2pm. View the full catalogue on our website now @ . In-person viewing appointments are now available. Contact us on 003534755076 or at to book your slot.

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