Stunning collection of antique home interiors and decorative pieces going to auction in the Summer Garden and Decorative Interiors Sale by Victor Mee Auctions this weekend.

Lot 242 - Antique Interior Two-Seater Chesterfield Sofa

There is often a reservation in buying antique interior pieces for the home. To the novice eye, antiques are often seen as expensive, formal and complicated. Buying them is a sport best left to the wealthy and the experts. It can be intimidating to venture into the antiques game.

We regularly see buyers, particularly younger buyers, seeking out “investment” pieces. Logical, sure, but a notion that we feel is often generated from fear. The table may be stunning, but it’s estimate is €2500. How can one justify such an expenditure on one piece? Well, consider it an investment piece. Ten years from now it could be worth €5000. Yeah, it definitely could. But let’s remember that value tends to be subjective when it comes to antiques. An item is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and we generally wouldn’t advise clients to purchase items based on what they may be worth in the future because they also may not.

Do you love the table? Will you eat your breakfast at it every morning? Will it host birthday parties, Christmas dinners, homework sessions and gallantly display the flowers you got as a congratulations on your new job? Will it be forever etched in the memories of your kids as “that old table we had in the kitchen growing up”?

Buying antiques, especially home interiors, is a personal experience. It’s a matter of the heart. You see it, you love it, you simply have to have it. The investment ultimately lies in the joy you derive from the piece and the years of service it provides, rather than the financial return you might see from it after X amount of years. That’s just a windfall.

Interior design themes; minimalism, industrialism, French Country, et al, are stunning and captivating when done right. But we think even the most interior designy industrialist space can only pale in comparison to a home that is undoubtedly, absolutely, indisputably you.

The Summer Garden and Decorative Interiors Sale by Victor Mee Auctions is awash with unique and exceptionally beautiful interior furnishings and accents to capture the eye and the heart and could be just the thing to make your home sing.

We’ve cherry picked just a few of our favourites to whet your appetite ahead of this weekends sale.

Good quality 19th C. French kingwood cabinet with ormolou mounts and inset leather draws
Lot 180 - Good quality 19th C. French kingwood cabinet with ormolou mounts and inset leather draws

Though small in stature (66cm H), this Kingwood cabinet is truly a “pride of place” kind of piece. Crafted from kingwood, a Brazilian sourced wood that was preferred by French royalty in fine furnishings thanks to it’s strength and spectacular finish, this cabinet, featuring seven leather inlaid drawers, is eye catching for many reasons, not least it’s definitive curved lines and ormolu mounted legs. It glistens with gold accents and demands attention. Going to auction with an estimate of €400-€600.

Lot 22 is one of the most impressive refectory tables that we have sent to auction in some time. Stretching for over 2.5m with an Oak Versaille style wood pattern, it is supported by muscular turned legs and a double stretcher. There’s nothing we don’t love about this table, in fantastic condition, it’s going to auction with an estimate of €800-€1200 and we expect heavy interest around this one on game day.

Interior Antique Chesterfield Sofa
Lot 62 - Exceptional quality hand died leather deep buttoned chesterfield four seater sofa

The classic Chesterfield sofa is timeless, elegant and dependable. It is difficult to find a Chesterfield looking out of place anywhere, such is the flawlessness of design and immunity to trends. Lot 62 is this stunning sofa, hand-dyed brown, it boasts everything you’d expect from the deep tufted buttoned tufted back to the deep rolled arms of the same height. Estimated at €2000-€4000 it is one of a few Chesterfield pieces going under the hammer in this sale and surely the finest.

Antique Interior Pine Butcher Block
Lot 279 - Pine Butcher Block

The butcher block, though originally used in butcher shops as a durable chopping board for cutting and tenderizing meats, has now become a quirky and trendy addition to the modern kitchen. You can buy butchers block new these days of course, This one is aged. Compact, ready to slot itself into a kitchen, it comes with brass hinges, two lower slatted shelves and a handy sliding drawer, making it both useful and pretty. It goes to sale with an estimate of €300-€400.

Good quality pair of 1940's leather armchairs
Lot 456 - Good quality pair of 1940's leather armchairs

There are several stunning chairs going forward in this sale, but perhaps none so striking as lot 456. This pair of 1940s Leather Armchairs are classic and ageless. The brown leather worn to perfection and arresting buttons closing the backs, these armchairs are handsome from all angles. They go to sale with an estimate of €500-€800.

Lot 457 - Carved Oak Chest

This beautiful chest is a statement piece to say the least. Intricately carved from oak, it stands on curved raised legs, the detail in the carving is exceptionally beautiful and we think this would make a stunning storage piece for bedroom, living room or hallway. It goes to auction with an estimate of €200-400.

Early 20th. C. bank of twenty five drawers
549 - Early 20th. C. bank of twenty five drawers

Similar to the highly sought-after design of antique chemist drawers, lot 549 is a looming bank of drawers from the early 1900s that would make a very impressive addition and storage solution to the modern home. Standing tall at 159cm high and boasting twenty-five drawers, it is elegant, sophisticated and ageless and comes with an estimate of €800-€1200.

19th C. pitch pine server with elm top
581 - 19th C. pitch pine server with elm top

Lot 581 is a pitch pine server that embodies a country charm found in old farmhouse kitchens. The top is made from elm, an elegant, durable and water-resistant wood that makes it ideal for everyday use in the home. This server measures 80cm h x 180cm w x 50cm d giving it a solid presence without being overwhelmingly large, we can see it slotting comfortably into any home. The estimate is €200-€400.

19th C. mahogany console table raised on cabriole legs
Lot 152 - 19th C. mahogany console table raised on cabriole legs

The console table is the perfect addition to those small spaces, like hallways, that need a little something without compromising on space or accessibility. Lot 152 is a fantastic example of a well-crafted and striking antique console table. The dark mahogany wood is timeless and gives this piece an air of grandeur and strength that defies its manageable size of 86 cm H x 153 cm W x 37 cm D. It goes to auction with an estimate of €500-€700.

19th C. brass embossed wall mirror
Lot 263 - 19th C. brass embossed wall mirror

A mirror can often be an after-thought when it comes to room décor and yet the right mirror can do so much for the feel of a space. We have a couple of mirrors available in this sale but we’d like to draw your attention to lot 263 which is this fabulous brass embossed wall mirror in an extravagant baroque style. It is an eye catcher and we think could be the perfect way to discreetly bring some texture and embellishment into your room. Estimate on this is €200-€400.

The Summer Garden and Decorative Interiors Online Sale by Victor Mee Auctions takes place Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th at 2pm. GThe full catalogue is available to view now on our website at . The office is now taking registrations and bids ahead of the sale and the team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 003534755076 or via email at

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