Furniture, garden pieces and decorative interiors becoming increasingly popular amongst younger bidders at Victor Mee Auctions

Furniture, garden pieces and decorative interiors becoming increasingly popular amongst younger bidders at Victor Mee Auctions

Victor Mee Auctions continues to enjoy the diversification of our clientele as more and more young auction-goers visit our auction house for a chance to bid on ‘hidden gem’ pieces perfect for making a unique statement in their homes and gardens. The stereotype of auction-goers being of an older, more traditional demographic is quickly changing, as we experience a surge of young people in search of quality pieces which bring a unique history and story to their homes.

Over the last year to meet the growing demand for ‘old meets new’ from a younger generation of collectors, we have invested significantly in developing our Furniture and Decorative Interiors offering to ensure we are keeping up with shifting home décor trends to complement both modern contemporary and traditional homes.

With our image-led world revolving around social media platforms including Instagram and Pinterest, we believe it is vital for us to move with shifting consumer culture and keep this in mind as we source and curate the interiors pieces which eventually make it to sale at Victor Mee. The discerning eyes of Victor and Bryan Mee ensure that the pieces that cross our auction block are in fantastic condition, come with a wealth of knowledge and history attached to them, and are in-line with the popular interiors and décor trends sought out by our bidders.

Our younger bidders are showing increased interest in high-quality, durable pieces of furniture and decorative pieces and are less interested ‘disposable’ flat-pack pieces, which is music to our ears as more Irish treasures are re-homed with appreciative buyers across the UK, Ireland, and globally!

In this blog we have decided to give you an insight into the main themes and antique pieces that will be showcased in our upcoming Decorative Interiors and Garden Sale, taking place on Wednesday 26th June!


Restoring antique furniture pieces is becoming increasingly popular with younger homeowners. In light of this we have introduced many pieces of ‘restorative’ furniture to the auction house including traditional mahogany pieces, which we are seeing being mixed in with modern soft furnishings. In keeping with this popular theme, our upcoming Decorative Interiors and Garden Sale will showcase a stunning regency mahogany cabinet standing on squared tapered legs, with satinwood inlaid drawers housed within – perfect to up-style for a contemporary home or left just as it is to let its true beauty shine through.

Timeless leather

We believe that leather suites and furniture pieces will never go out of style – in fact they tend to just get better with age! Our Decorative Interiors and Garden Sale will offer bidders a great range of timeless pieces of leather furniture which will add a layer of sophistication to any home. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, there will be a piece to fit in perfectly, with styles ranging across the 19th century.

Rococo Style

Our upcoming sale will showcase several unique pieces of furniture and décor straight out of the ‘Rococo era’, popular as far back as the 1700s. Rococo furnishings are compiled using ‘natural motifs’ and were traditionally developed by craftspeople and designers rather than architects – explaining the importance of hand-worked decoration in Rococo design. At Victor Mee Auctions we love Rococo pieces and find them to be very popular amongst our décor and interiors bidders!

Rococo lots in the Decorative Interiors and Garden sale will include a stunning decorative gild wood wall mirror, an exceptional quality brass hall lantern with inset bevelled glass panels and a decorative composition cherub urn.

Outdoor Living

The summer months have arrived, and our upcoming Decorative Interiors and Garden Sale will showcase a great range of garden furniture to aid homeowners in creating eye-catching and interesting outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining. The auction will include numerous pieces of outdoor furniture including a beautifully ornate cast iron garden table and three chairs. In addition to furniture the sale will also offer bidders several ornaments and features that are sure to make their garden, patio, or balcony stand out!

Victor Mee Auctions Decorative Interiors and Garden Sale will take place on Wednesday 26th May at 5.30pm. Bids are welcome in-house and online at Bidders can browse the full auction listings here.

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