The magnificent decorative interiors Palace Collection by Victor Mee Auctions

The magnificent decorative interiors Palace Collection by Victor Mee Auctions

It goes without saying that our team here at Victor Mee Auctions is incredibly proud of every sale we host, but perhaps none so much as the magnificent decorative interiors marvel that is The Palace Collection. Featuring a vast array of lots drenched in history and of exquisite taste, this sale is guaranteed to be one of the most unique and exciting auctions of 2019. Taking place on September 30th at the serene location of The Bishop’s Palace, or “See House”, in Kilmore, Co. Cavan, this sale is exclusive to others in its’ rarity. Country homes such as this are seldom open to the public, let alone their contents offered for public auction and we are very excited to bring you these contents “in situ”.

Stepping inside the doors of the Bishop’s Palace one can only be a touch awestruck. Everything here exudes a certain sense of grandiose. It is the utmost in stateliness. Even the door to this property is immense.

Built in the mid-1800s, the towering stately residence was home to several Irish bishops until the year 2000 when it was privately bought and has since remained intact. With each successive tenant adding pieces of decorative flair and grandeur, the house today boasts items of opulence, intrigue and such rarity that you should not expect to see them for auction again.

In addition, we’re thrilled to also offer for auction the contents of a second stately home; Oak Park House in Donegal. This, the former residence of prominent social activist and suffragette, Norah Lyle-Smith, is equally abounding with pieces of splendour and elegance, all of which have been caringly moved to the See House location ahead of this event.

The Palace is pristine. It is unblemished, untouched and almost eerie. Eerie in the way it feels like the Bishop might arrive at any moment, change into his house shoes, stick on the wireless and summon the servants. You feel as though you are intruding here. This, someone’s home, despite its stature and its almost twenty year vacancy, is warm and lush with stories.

Likewise, the contents, for auction on September 30th , tell tales. These things were loved. They were picked for this home, made for this home and placed in this home. They were admired, loved and conversed over in this home.

In the library, a vast anthology of books looms above you, framing the room in literature of yore. Chairs abound here, inviting you to sit and read a while. In fact, the seating, dotted consciously around the house, reminds you that no one here ever was lost in their smartphone. The chairs here are purposeful. Decorative, sure, but more so, they are an opportunity to take a moment in appreciation. And there is a lot to appreciate. There is no TV. Rather, the eyes are drawn to the intricate artwork adorning the walls, to the statement decorative pieces, to the sumptuous tapestries, taxidermies and resplendent light fixtures. Items of gold and silver, gems and jewels, furnishings lavishly unholstered and telling yarns of obsolete traditions and ways of life.

The mind is forced to regress. And though it won’t stretch all the way, you’ll visualise the rugs being laid, you’ll imagine theatrically dressed dinner guests discussing the fine decor of the magnificent home and you’ll crave for a chance to don your top hat and swill a glass of port in the drawing room. You’ll understand that these lots tell a story. These lots were cherished. They have charm and class. This is treasure in a world where finding treasure is unheard of. And we at Victor Mee Auctions feel that there is surely place in every modern home for treasure.

If you think that antiques are solely for those with a trained eye, then think another time. It is true that many indulge in antiques for the potential fiscal rewards. They see the value. They see the market for that kind of thing. They know the game. This is business.

But it doesn’t have to be.

An antique piece could prove to be exactly the focal point you were seeking for your own interior.

The thing is, antique furniture defies time and trends. Often hand-crafted, it has a propensity for resilience that you simply won’t find in the labyrinth of Ikea. Moreover, antique furnishings tend towards uniqueness. We all seek to garnish our homes with a bit of distinction. Who really wants the exact same sideboard that Mary down the road got from Wayfair last year? A “pre-loved” Chesterfield sofa or a well-travelled Persian rug makes a far superior anecdote to Mary’s tales of January sales.

Lot 3

The fireplace is the heart of the home, drawing the eye and the person to its side, and deserves a little embellishment. One of our opening items is lot 3, a beautiful hand-beaten copper log bucket on a raised stand. It is an arresting piece; large and weathered and not one you’re likely to stumble upon again.

Lot 10

We could see this beautiful 19th Century leather travelling trunk making a unique and whimsical blanket box. Decorated with brass accents, it exudes that vintage feel.

Lot 17

Have you been searching for a striking piece of furniture for your little ones room? Go against the mould and go old with lot 17; an extremely rare 18th century child’s cradle. Baby may not appreciate this superbly crafted crib, but your visitors most definitely will as it takes centre stage in your nursery.

Lot 168

Because you’ve always wanted a gong and you know it.

Lot 360

Without beating around the bush, we think lot 360 is simply exquisite. This masterfully crafted oriental bone model of a ship is to be admired and examined and wondered over. Bid right and it could potentially be the most tasteful and delicate ornament in your home.

Lot 559

The Bishop’s Palace boasts fine textiles in abundance. We’d love to highlight all of them, but we’ll ease you in with one of the finest. Lot 559 is a 19th Century Hand-Knotted Persian Tabriz Carpet. You don’t have to be well-versed in antiques to know how sought-after Persian rugs can be. We particularly love this one for its vibrancy and great size making it the perfect foundation for an inviting space.

Lot 397

A good light fixture is the monarch of good ambience. This stunning decorative eight branch chandelier is yearning to make a statement in your interior.

Lot 593

Like wine? Us too. We also really like this Georgian style mahogany wine cooler. Bound in brass and raised to stand freely, this piece will add a serious touch of class to your next party.

Lot 615

William IV. Mahogany sideboard… Or the most beautiful dressing table we’ve ever laid eyes upon. Powder one’s nose here? One doesn’t mind if one does.

Lot 634

One of the most impressive lots up for grabs is this arresting pair of carved wood console tables with marble tops supported by an eagle. If you’re here for something extraordinary, this is it.

Lot 616

This striking giltwood and gesso pier mirror, being sold as a pair, would be an enchanting addition to any bathroom, made even more appropriate by its baby blue accents gold shell decoration.

Lot 343

Book-end your mantle with this pair of exceptional ormolu gilded marble urns. These urns ooze sophistication.

Lot 825

Put your feet up in the utmost of style with this fantastic upholstered regency mahogany chaise longue. Perhaps one of the swankiest ways for one to be casual.

Lot 862

Adding a distinctive flair to any room, we love this 19th Century tapestry screen. Boasting an intricate country-side design it, we think this piece is very elegant and will give all your friends 19th Century Tapestry Screen envy.

(Bonus lot pictured here, lot 849, pair of art deco walnut and mahogany bedroom chairs)

Lot 941

Lot 941 is this pair of exquisite leather upholstered reclining library chairs that make us want to hold a very important meeting with some very important people.

Lot 684

We think this 19th Century Inlaid Satinwood Demi-Lune (or “half-moon”) table is just so delicate and so pretty. Painstakingly hand painted, it needs simply to be admired.

Lot 998

Though only the sofa is pictured here, this lot is an outstandingly beautiful three piece parlour suite. Upholstered in striking blue, it is in pristine condition and would make a magnificent throwback statement in your modern home.

Lot 223

We’ve already mentioned the ambience and mood that can be set by the right lighting. This oriental lamp is in the form of a teapot and we think it is just oozes charm.

Lot 771

Jacksons of Picadilly was a London tea house and department store now owned by Twinings and we cannot think of a cuter or more appropriate way to store your Lyons (or Barrys, we’re all friends here) than atop your counter top in this charming painted metal tea bin.

Lot 979

They don’t make children’s toys like this anymore. Hand-painted, this wooden rocking horse is fully functional and would make a wonderful gift for the little one in your life, or even as a beautiful old-style and unique decorative piece.

Lot 759

The pine kitchen dresser is the staple of every old Irish kitchen and this one is well-made, attractive and very modifiable. Boasting ample storage, we think this dresser would be a stunning heart in any kitchen.

Victor Mee Auctions will host The Palace Collection Sale on September 30th on site at the Bishop’s Palace or “See House” in Kilmore, Co. Cavan beginning at 11am. Viewing will be open from Friday 27th through Sunday 29th from 11am to 6pm.


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