Loud and Proud – Incorporating antique pieces in a contemporary home

Loud and Proud – Incorporating antique pieces in a contemporary home

Hey guys have you heard the news?! Minimalism is over, that’s the word on our street. And, after a brief moment of mildly genuine grief for the vapidness of minimalism, we at Victor Mee Auctions are delighted to introduce you all too… *drum roll*…. Maximalism!

No it is not a silly made up term to justify clutter!

Maximalism is the interior design movement of the Gen Z’er and the Millennial. It is, of course, inspired. But certainly, it is a contemporary step away from the sparse ambience of feng shui and the clean lines of the contemporary style. Maximalism, rather, encourages one to proverbially stick it to the man. Throw the rulebook out the window. We see kitsch pieces and decorative items. We see bold colour and textures return to create a lavish space; busy but comfortable.


We at Victor Mees like maximalism a lot. We think it encourages creativity and spontaneity in a home. Moreso, we think it inspires one to use their personality. It cares less for what is “trendy” and more for who you are. A maximalist doesn’t just frame a photo of his dog. He frames it in a big old flashy gold gilded frame. And then he frames twelve more in a similar fashion and places them all with no form of gallery structure on a strikingly painted wall above an antique chaise longue that sits atop a Persian rug. His curtains are plush velvet. His cushions are many. His room looks positively garish… and warm and inviting and fun, and gosh darn it, it looks interesting!


That’s the thing about antique furniture and decorative pieces, isn’t it? They’re interesting. They’ve been places, seen things. They tell tales of people who lived differently than we. They speak of a maker who was a craftsman. They evoke conversations and speculations about how they were come upon; at an auction, at a little antique shop off the beaten track, a market perhaps. Antiques just have a compelling je ne sais q’uoi that eludes even the most expensive piece of brand furniture.


We’ve been thinking about interior design for a while now at Victor Mees. We are very busy buzzing bees in the run up to Christmas as we prep for our much-anticipated Interiors Sale on December 30th. We always look forward to our end of year sales and we’re childishly excited this year to bring you some of the most select and splendid antique pieces in line with the most current in interior design trends.


Spearheaded by auctioneer, Victor Mee and son, Bryan, the interiors collection on offer on December 30th is comprised of a unique collection of hand-selected antique pieces that we have no doubt will excite you all and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to change things up a little in your home for 2020.

We invite you to come see us and our exquisite collection on December 30th from 10am. The auction will kick off at 5.30pm on the day and in the meantime, we’ll be posting the catalogue online in the coming days so you can kick back with some Quality Streets and peruse the lots over the holidays.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Victor Mee Auctions! See you on the 30th!

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